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This was our first virtual workshop hosted in our Geekdom Online Workshop Series. This is also a great relevant topic a few weeks later. Take a look and let us know your thoughts!

About this workshop: Join Alberto Pina from Braustin Mobile Homes as he leads a workshop on what’s important when moving your team remotely and how to continue to focus on what pushes the business forward: making sales. Alberto will be sharing some insights on what’s worked well for Braustin Mobile, a remote, spread-out team with employees across the country and some of the tools they use to make the team stay connected and focused on the customer.


  • MatthewMatthew admin

    S/O to Alberto for leading this topic!

    A great one/two puch of productivity tools I have been using is Notion + Airtable

    Notion - great for note taking and staying organized (like your own business wiki)

    Airtable - a (in my opinion) better Google Sheets spreadsheet tool.

    Share any hacks/tips you have for this new remote world below!

  • Tip - block off Do Not Disturb time on your calendar every day and encourage the rest of your team to do it too. Do your best not schedule over that time.

    We all need some time away from real-time chat conversations and other distractions to think and focus on getting work done.

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