In what ways can the Geekdom community support Founders?

Matthew admin
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Our first discussion in the founders discussion


  • Hey everyone!

    Matthew here. I'm on the Geekdom Staff (Membership and Events) but also run my own Events company on the side.

    As we launch these forums to kick start the Founders area, I want to start a conversation around what ways the community can support the entrepreneurs?

    I've noticed with (SABusinessCalendar) we had to take a few weeks to figure out what direction is next (all about promoting in person events that in this world isn't happening). We're currently focused more nation wide and on helping host and promote virtual events.

    The Geekdom online workshops and a ton of other events happening have helped navigate us through this but to kick start this convo:

    -Share Resources that may be valuable to other founders

    -What ways have you pivoted/adjusted to this new world

    -How can the Geekdom community suppoprt you?

    -What types of workshop would be beneficial?

    -Also please give us a quick elevaor pitch about your business.

    Hoping this starts future discussions!

  • Matt Wilbanks
    edited May 2020

    Here’s an idea - anyone who could benefit from hearing other marketing campaign ideas (things that worked and didn’t), I’d like to host a monthly (virtual for now) meet up where we can share and learn from each other.

    if you’re interested, send me a message in here (tap my avatar, tap message).

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